Students of the Faculty of Organization and Management have the opportunity to study abroad under the

LLP-Erasmus Programme

The programme objective is to expand European cooperation in education. It creates a European dimension in education, develops and facilitates adaptation to new social and economic conditions in the united Europe.

Student exchange and grant disbursement may only be completed between higher education institutions of the European Union member states with whom the sending institution (Lodz University of Technology) has a bilateral agreement.

Here is a list of the universities with whom the Faculty of Organization and Management has bilateral agreements on student exchange:


We strongly encourage students of the Faculty of Organization and Management to apply for a study abroad grant. Click the link below to find out all the necessary information.

If you are thinking about studying abroad, talk to other students who have already done it. Student Erasmus Promoters will provide you with information, offer advise, and assist you in the arrangement of your study abroad or international placement.

International placement:

Dr hab. Anna Adamik- (office hours) and mgr Michał Nowicki (office hours) are supervisors of international placements.

Faculty coordinator: 

Proxy for international exchange and degree programmes

dr Aleksandra Januszkiewicz- office hours

The Office of the Dean of The Faculty of Organization and Management

Elżbieta Olszewska, mgr

tel. 42 631 36 85