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This lecture would convince you that low retirement age is unfair. The research was titled Between employment and retirement: myths, trends, conditions. Intergenerational justice in the works of a welfare state. Professor Filip Chybalski, PhD DA covers the pension systems as a scholar.



PAP Debate (Polish Press Agency): Life or survival – a Pole on retirement. Professor Filip Chybalski, PhD DA has mentioned that Poles’ life spans are systematically increasing. The fact that we live longer implies that we must be aware that it is imperative that we remain professionally active longer. The retirement age must be raised. Lowering the retirement age is casting spells against the reality. If we handle systematic retirement age increase, then we can build a proper pension system. – he says.

167th mBank-CASE seminar “Retirement age and the pension system, labour market and the economy” (in Polish)


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