„If one knows what harbor one seeks no wind is favorable” 

Seneka - Roman poet and philosopher



The strategy of the Faculty of Organization and Management is in line with the Development Strategy of Lodz University of Technology for the years 2020 – 2025 and consists in a gradual and consistent implementation of the concept 


„S” for Science, Staff and Students 
„A” for Awareness, Agility and Accountability 
„I” for Internationalization, Innovativeness and Infrastructure 
„L” for Learning, Linkage and Leadership 

Strategic vision of the Faculty 


In 2025, the Faculty of Organization and Management of Lodz University of Technology will be a research and teaching centre with a clear identity, combining organization and management issues with modern techniques and technology, it will permanently anchor among the best research and education centres on the map of Poland, also strengthening its position in the international arena. 

Mission of the Faculty 

Supporting freedom, professionalism, creativity and partnership in science, education and cooperation with the national and international environment. 

Download the OiZ Development Strategy for 2020-2025


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