Answers to some questions result directly from the Study Regulations at Lodz University of Technology. The ones you will read below have been prepared on the basis of the document in force since 1 October 2019.  

Treść (rozbudowana)
1.Where can I find information about the opening hours of the Dean’s Office and consultation hours of the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs?


2. Where can I find information about study programmes?
3. How to access student mail, WebDziekanat, Wikamp?
4. Do I have to make an appointment in advance with the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs?


5. Do I have to come in person to submit an application during the office hours of the Vice- Dean for Student Affairs?

No, you can leave your application at the Dean’s Office during its working hours, drop it in the box at the Dean’s Office or send it by post to Dean’s Office.

6. How long do I have to wait for the Vice- Dean for Student Affairs’ decision and how do I find out about it?

The maximum waiting time is two weeks. After the Vice- Dean for Student Affairs has issued an opinion on the application, you will be informed by phone or e-mail about the need to come to the dean’s office in order to confirm that you have read the decision.  

7. Where can I find application forms and what to do if there is no form dedicated to my case?

If there is no form dedicated to your case, fill in the form called ‘free’ that you can download from the WebDziekanat.  

8. Do I have to come in person to extend the validity of the student ID card?


9. What happens if I lose my ID?? 

You should apply for a duplicate of your ID card. You must attach the following:
– transfer confirmation for PLN 33 for issuing a duplicate. The fee should be paid to your individual student account; 
– If you lose your student ID card, you should place an announcement in a newspaper. The application should be accompanied by a confirmation in the form of an invoice or a newspaper clipping; 
– in case of theft, a certificate from the police station must be attached. 
The waiting time for a new ID card is up to two weeks.  

10. How do I obtain a study confirmation?

A study confirmation can be issued upon request to the student or to a person holding a power of attorney.

11. How to get a Transcript of Records?

You should ask for the transcript by phone or e-mail as it requires the signature of the Vice-Dean of Student Affairs. When the document is ready for collection, you will be informed about it. 

12. How many times can I retake my diploma semester and do I have to pay for it?

The total number of changes in the deadline for submitting the diploma thesis is limited to two. The fee is calculated according to the degree of advancement of the thesis, which is indicated by the diploma thesis supervisor at the student’s request to retake the diploma semester.  
An application submitted without the opinion of the supervisor will result in a negative decision. 

13. Can I pay tuition fees in installments?

At the Faculty of Organization and Management, the fee for the semester is divided into four equal installments for all part-time students. 

14. Who signs the internship agreement first?

The order does not matter. Internship agreements are signed by authorized vice-deans even without the signature of a company representative. Remember to include your personal data, information about the place and date of the internship and the person responsible for the internship in the company in the agreement. 

15. I’m 26 years old. What about my health insurance?

Students and PhD students of Lodz University of Technology who are over 26 years of age and are not obliged to be insured under any other title (e.g.: job, business activity, pension, status of a family member reported for the main insured person’s insurance) for health insurance – upon their written request – the university deals with it and pays the health insurance premium for them. 
First of all, you should apply to the Dean’s Office in order to obtain a confirmation of the student’s status with a completed document called the ZZA form (application for health insurance/notification of change of data), which can be found on the website of Lodz University of Technology.

16. Can I transfer from one field of study to another field of study or from full-time to part-time studies (or vice versa)?

Only with the written consent of the competent vice-deans for student affairs. The transfer is possible only in case of a student who has obtained registration for at least the second year of studies, provided that all obligations resulting from the regulations in force at the university are fulfilled. The application for transfer should be submitted by the student within 7 days of the beginning of the semester at the latest. 

17. What do I need to do to have my grades transferred?

You must submit a written application for recognition of the course learning outcomes within 30 days of the start of the semester to the Vice Dean for Student Affairs.   
To do so, download a ‘free’ form from the WebDziekanat , attach a photocopy of the previously obtained grades and the course syllabus. With these documents, you should go to the person who is currently running the classes or to the course leader and ask for a written opinion on whether the previously achieved results can be recognised and on the basis of them you can complete the course. The application should be submitted to the Dean’s Office in person, put into a box at the Dean’s Office or sent by post.  
An approved application releases you from participating in classes and obtaining credits for a given course.   

18. Who should I inform in case of difficult contact with the teacher/supervisor? 

You should first contact your teacher/supervisor’s immediate superior, e.g. the head of the department where he/she is employed. If this does not help, contact your Year’s Supervisor or the Vice Dean for Student Affairs. 

19. Who can apply for an individual study plan?

In particular, a student who has health problems or is studying at many fields/universities or represents the university in sports competition at a minimum national level. 

20. Who can apply for an individual study program?

Check the Strona Główna/Students/Application forms and Study Regulations/Study Regulations > Rules of the Individual Study Program, which are valid from 11 February 2020. 

21. Can I change my group?

Yes, if you find a person who will switch with you. Report this fact to the Dean’s Office as soon as possible. This does not apply in 2020/2021 due to the mixed classes form.

22. When and how can I choose an elective course/specialty?

The selection of elective courses and specializations will take place in the earlier semester by voting of all students of the year. Through the WIKAMP you will be able to choose the course/ specialty of the first and second priority. The course/ specialty will be launched by the decision of the Vice-Dean for Education on the basis of the largest number of applications for the course/specialty. 

23. Can I change the previously selected specialty?

Only with the consent of the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs granted on a written request from the student and submitted before the start of classes. 

24. Where can I find information on how to access free software licenses?
25. Can I transfer a valid medical certification from work/other university to my study programme?

Yes, if the certification issued covers the harmful factors outlined in the referral issued at the faculty. Should this be the case, submit a copy of the medical certification to the Dean’s Office.

26. Jak uzyskać dostęp do danych osobowych i możliwość uzyskania ich kopii

Wydział Organizacji i Zarządzania PŁ udziela swoim studentom oraz absolwentom odpowiednich zaświadczeń o przebiegu i zakończeniu studiów.

Udzielenie dostępu do danych osobowych i/lub przekazanie kopii danych osobowych jest dopuszczalne wyłącznie wtedy, gdy tożsamość studenta jest potwierdzona – w przeciwnym wypadku istnieje ryzyko ujawnienia danych osobie nieuprawnionej, a zatem naruszenie ochrony danych osobowych.

Do sposobów potwierdzania tożsamości studenta można zaliczyć np.:

  • osobiste zwrócenie się i okazanie do wglądu legitymacji studenckiej;
  • zwrócenie się do dziekanatu poprzez indywidualne konto studenta w systemie informatycznym,
  • zwrócenie się do uczelni przez skrzynkę e-Puap,
  • zaświadczenie może uzyskać osoba trzecia, na podstawie wcześniej złożonego przez studenta/absolwenta upoważnienia (upoważnienie powinno być opatrzone podpisem studenta/absolwenta, złożonym w obecności pracownika dziekanatu),
  • zaświadczenie może uzyskać osoba trzecia na polecenie wnioskującego, okazując stosowne do tej czynności pełnomocnictwo notarialne.
27. Wydawanie dokumentów na wniosek absolwenta

  1. Uczelnia jest zobowiązana udostępnić dane osobowe na wniosek osoby, której dane dotyczą (zgodnie z art. 15 RODO).
  2. Osoba, której dane dotyczą, ma prawo uzyskać dostęp do swoich danych osobowych, a także kopię danych osobowych podlegających przetwarzaniu.
  3. W przypadku wątpliwości co do tożsamości osoby składającej wniosek o udostępnienie danych osobowych Uczelnia może zażądać dodatkowych informacji niezbędnych do potwierdzenia tożsamości osoby, której dane dotyczą (art. 12 pkt. 6 RODO).

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