Year Supervisor

The Year’s Supervisor is a person appointed by the Vice-Dean for student affairs, who represents the interests of students before the faculty authorities and academic teachers and provides students with advice and assistance both in individual matters and in the functioning of the faculty. The Year Supervisor is appointed for the period until the end of the education cycle by a group of students placed under supervision.  

The most important tasks and responsibilities of the Year Supervisor are: 

  • To provide students with basic information on the organization of the academic year and the course of studies;   
  • to acquaint students with the organisational structure of the faculty;   
  • to conduct the election of the Year Perfect and provide the data of the selected person to the Vice-Dean for student affairs, no later than 7 days after the beginning of classes;   
  • constant contact with the Mayor of the Year in current affairs and reacting to problems;  
  • representing students in contacts with academic teachers and faculty authorities;   
  • participating in exams or board exams if the Vice-Dean for student affairs so decides. 


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