SAPIENS - Sustainability and Procurement in International, European, and National Systems

Project implemented as part of the Horizon 2020 program (scientific panel "Social Sciences and Humanities").

Project duration: 48 months starting from March 1, 2021.

Total budget: €3944037.96

Budget for Lodz University of Technology: €227,478.60

Lodz University of Technology is a partner in the project along with 9 other European universities, the leader is the University of Turin (Università degli Studi di Torino). The coordinator from TUL is professor Małgorzata Koszewska.

Place branding (r)evolution – the management of the smart city’s brand

The project implemented as part of the NAWA im. Bekker programme. The aim of the programme coordinated by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) is to increase the international mobility of scientists and academic teachers employed in Polish universities and research institutes by enabling them to carry out scientific research or teach in renowned foreign centres all over the world. Under the first edition of the programme Professor Magdalena Grębosz-Krawczyk PhD DSc was awarded a scholarship to implement the project titled Place branding (r)evolution – the management of the smart city’s brand at Université de Nantes in France in 2019. The objective of the project was to answer on the questions: “How to manage the brand of the smart city?” and “How to promote this concept among the main stakeholders, like inhabitants, companies representatives, tourists, students or universities staff?”


The Interdisciplinary HEI Entrepreneurship Fostering Program (InterHEI)

Project implemented as part of the EIT HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education program.

Project duration: from 01/07/2022 to 31/01/2024

Total budget: €1 200000

Budget for the Lodz University of Technology: €118 800

Lodz University of Technology is a partner of the project together with 9 other European universities, the leader is the University of Warsaw. The project coordinator at TUL is dr inż. Iwona Staniec.

Design Thinking In Searching For Innovative Solutions In An International Environment (MP2)

Project is financed Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange - the SPINAKER Program - International Intensive Programs (IIP) - 2021

The project aims to strengthen the educational offer of the Faculty of Organization and Management of the Lodz University of Technology addressed to foreign students in the field of intensive international programs (IMPK) implemented in a mixed formula (blended learning). As part of IMPK, a new program will be developed for students of business faculties from partner universities. It will be implemented in 2023 as part of the 2nd edition for a total group of 50 students and will consist in searching for solutions to real problems in international companies. The project also includes activities aimed at improving the competences of academic teachers. The project coordinators are professor Robert Stanisławski, dr Sebastian Bakalarczyk, dr inż. Iwona Staniec and dr inż. Agnieszka Pietras.

Erasmus+ Projects  

The Faculty of Management and Production Engineering actively participates in the implementation of international educational projects within the Erasmus+ programme “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”. The projects implemented by international consortia aim to exchange experiences, develop and disseminate innovative solutions contributing to the improvement of the quality of education and better adaptation of education systems to the needs of the economy and society.  

Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances  

Placement Opportunities With Entrepreneurial Reach (2018 – 2021)  

The project aims to create modern and user-friendly ICT tools for the effective management of internships in European start-ups, enabling universities, incubators and students to cooperate at local and cross-border level. The project is implemented by the European University Foundation (coordinator), the University of Latvia, Lodz University of Technology, the University of Eastern Finland, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the University of Alcala, Technoport, Tetuan Valley, New Factory and Alexander Innovation Zone S.A.  

More information on the project website:  

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education 

Comparative Analyses of European Identities in Business and Every-Day Behaviour (2018-2021)  

The project includes field empirical research in the area of social studies. During the study visits, the participants gain competence in research methodology, cooperation in an international team and knowledge about other European countries and about the functioning of Europe as a whole. The aim of the project is to examine the extent to which the recent noticeable turn towards nation states in the social and economic sphere, resulting from the migration crisis, affects people’s identity and behaviour. The project is implemented by Duale Hochschule BadenWürttemberg (coordinator), EM Strasbourg Business School, Lodz University of Technology, the University of Cergy-Pontoise, the University Institute of Maia ISMAI, Budapest Business School, Porto Polytechnic, the University of Lodz and the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.  

More information on the website:  

Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education  

Audit et Contrôle Interne à l’Université Marocaine (2017-2020)  

The project aims to strengthen the capacity and quality of management in Moroccan universities through the implementation of audit and internal control tools, including the transfer of principles and good financial management practices. The project is implemented by: the University of Vigo (coordinator), Lodz University of Technology, University Abdelmalek Essaândi, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, University d’Aix-Marseille, University Moulay Ismail, University Ibn Tofaîl, University Hassan Premier, University Mohammed V, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, University Privee de Marrakech and Erasmus University College Brussels.  

More information on the project website:  

Learning Agreement Online System (2014-2017)  


Online Learning Agreement + (2017-2020)  

The aim of the projects was to develop and implement software that enables the on-line handling of a key document related to student mobility within the Erasmus+ programme, the so-called Learning Agreement. New IT solutions have improved the process of document preparation and approval. The projects involved: the European University Foundation (coordinator), the University of Luxembourg, Lodz University of Technology, the University of Vienna, the University of Marburg, the University of Alcala, the University of Bergen, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Pantheon-Sorbonne University and Erasmus Student Network.  

More information on the website:  

#europehome (2014-2017)  

The project was aimed at strengthening cooperation between universities and business both at local and international level as well as developing innovative methods and materials in the field of entrepreneurship for students and teachers. The project also offered internship opportunities for students. The project involved the University of Alcala (coordinator), the University of Latvia, Lodz University of Technology, the University of Aveiro, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the European University Foundation, Erasmus Student Network and Collective Intelligence Research Centre.  

More information on the website:  

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training  

Chemical Safety Management Training Hub for Chemicals Users (2017–2020)  

The aim of the project is to design and conduct innovative professional training courses on chemical safety management. The projects involved Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (coordinator), Lodz University of Technology, Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE, the Institute of Preventive Medicine Environmental Occupational Health and Fundatia Romtens.  

More information on the website:  

Other international educational projects involving employees of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering at TUL  

Erasmus+ Project – Online courses  

The aim of the project is to create a platform offering a common list of e-learning courses that will be available to Erasmus+ students. Ten subjects from various fields will be prepared at TUL, including 3 subjects developed by academic teachers from the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering.  

The project is coordinated at TUL by the International Cooperation Centre and the TUL E-Learning Centre.  

More information on the website:  

Masters of Didactics 

The project aims to enhance the competences of academic staff in the area of application of modern, innovative teaching methods, such as tutoring. The project involves 46 academic teachers from TUL, including two from the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering, who take part in study visits to selected renowned European universities and then conduct classes with students with the use of the tutoring method. The non-competition implementation project is accomplished by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under Measure 4.3 of the Knowledge Education Development Operational Programme co-financed by the European Social Fund and coordinated at TUL by the International Cooperation Centre.  

More information on the website:   

Welcome TULbox Project – Support for the organisational skills and qualifications of the administrative staff of Lodz University of Technology in the field of dealing with foreign students and academic staff  

The project concerns the organisational preparation of the university to serve foreigners, through, among other things, increasing the competence of administration staff in the field of interpersonal communication in an intercultural environment. The employees of the Faculty took part in a training on intercultural communication in December 2019. 

More information on the website:  

More information about ongoing projects and current competitions can be found on the website of the International Cooperation Centre.


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