Application submission guide

Dear Student,

should you wish to submit an application, a medical certificate or other documents, you do not need to wait in a queue to the Dean’s office. It’s enough that you place your documents in the dropbox in front of room 47 (picture below) or send a photocopy to the appropriate administrative worker from the Dean’s Office.

Notice, that the documents submitted after 15:30 on a given day using the dropbox will be considered as if they were submitted on the next day.


Financial support applications should be submitted at the dropbox next to room 46 or in person to room 46 (picture below).


Should you decide to submit a form in person at the Dean’s Office, we have installed a color card system in front of room 47.


How does it work?

  1. Find the color of the matter you want to solve.
  2. If the card is in the basket, take it and enter the room.
  3. If it’s not in the basket, please wait until the previous student exits the room and returns the card to the basket.

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