Mentoring and Coaching Workshop

The workshop has been established at the Department of Management Systems and Innovation. It is a truly unique place at the Faculty where employees, students (including postgraduate students) and alumni can obtain professional aid regarding their further personal development, stance and behavior forming as well as self-awareness development.

Partnership-oriented approach to teaching and focus on increased student activity constitutes a solid method to prepare them for their future professional roles. At the same time, the increase in teachers’ authority positively impacts culture at the university and develops the society at the university. A teacher should be both an attentive observer as well as a good listener. The workshop is not only a place for belief exchange, but also a space for creative and inter-generational discourses. It is a place where coaching and mentoring methods allow us all to develop our competences.

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Pracownia Mentoringu i Coachingu
Mentoring and Coaching Workshop at the Faculty, ul. Wólczańska 221, Łódź










Others about us

“The Mentoring and Coaching Workshop is a place for a broadly understood discussion and analysis of various, usually scientific (but not only) matters and topics, including those related to daily life which are not only science- and teaching-related, but also come wider scopes. It is a meeting venue for experience and belief exchange, rarely of conflict. It is a place and a means of broadening one’s horizons. Considering the overarching COVID-19 pandemic while writing this, it is also a tool enabling one to maintain social relations – although remotely, but safely.”
Michał Nowicki PhD

“The Mentoring and Coaching Workshop can be described in two dimensions. The first describes it as a place of free scientific reflection. And it is incredibly precious, especially while teaching is done remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, containing a significant amount of practical tasks. The second dimension on the other hand is a place where we establish an academic supervision of sorts, sharing teaching experiences. The workshop influences then both the well-being in the intellectual scope as well as in the emotional one, which entails the improvement of the above at the Faculty.
Associate Professor Edyta Pietrzak PhD DA

“Unforced community”
Sebastian Bakalarczyk PhD DHC

“The Mentoring and Coaching Workshop has been a long-awaited space, but the wait was worth it. Yes, space, because it is not only a warm, welcoming spot for important, inspiring meetings and motivating conversations (room 17), but also a virtual space where help can be obtained in difficult situations (the Workshop on WIKAMP, authentication required). It is also a bunch of friends systematically meeting online via MS Teams, ready to sacrifice their free time for the sake of talking through dilemmas and problems of a modern person (whether it’s a teacher, scientist, student or an employee). I kindly encourage you to try what it has to offer and its outstanding meetings. You will not regret.”
Associate Professor Anna Adamik PhD DA

“A wonderful space, an experience exchange platform, both personal and professional. It is a place open for each and every one of us… It’s great to be here with you!”
Associate Professor Anna Walecka PhD DA

“Among the pressure from daily chores and life’s momentum, the Mentoring and Coaching Workshop has become the go-to place where one can pause and listen to one another without any rush, converse and organize one’s thoughts to open the mind and sometimes eyes ;)”
Associate Professor Małgorzata Koszewska PhD DA

“Participation in the Workshop’s meetings is:
– a medicine worth taking,
– a preventative method worth applying,
– a value from which one should take and share”
Alicja Musiał-Paczkowska MA

“Thanks to the organizers’ visible engagement in the project, the meetings in the Workshop have a significant chance to act as a forum of unrestricted belief exchange among faculty employees. I believe it has become more and more required, the more severe the restrictions of traditional ways of work in an academic society have become.”
Professor Maciej Soin

“I have not been to many of the Workshop’s meetings, but I am confident that they are a chance to rethink one’s ways of work and a chance to gain knowledge from others’ experiences, a chance to side-track from the daily life and to look at problems from a different perspective.”
Aleksandra Makowska PhD

“Meetings of the Workshop are not only a means to develop one’s competences, but also time spent among friendly, warm-hearted people to share one’s knowledge and experiences.”
Joanna Mnich PhD

“We share experiences :)”
Anna Szmit PhD

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