Tuition fees

Please pay your financial obligations to the university only to the bank account number generated from WebDziekanat in accordance with the rules on Fees for educational services at Lodz University of Technology.  

Data for transfer  

Politechnika Łódzka  
Wydział Organizacji i Zarządzania PŁ
ul. Wólczańska 221
93-005 Łódź 

The transfer should include  

name and surname, address of the payer and the title of the payment with the note W-8  

Fees for student ID cards  

  • ELS – electronic student ID card – PLN 22   

(please make a deposit to the account number given in the admission notice)  

  •  ELS duplicate – PLN 33  

Education agreements and fees  

Model Agreements on the conditions of payment for educational services at full-time and part-time studies.  

In agreements with part-time students, the fee for studies shall be divided into four equal instalments per semester. Tuition fees for the first and subsequent years of part-time programmes shall be paid by the student on the following dates:  

– for the winter semester – until 31 October, or payments in equal 4 monthly instalments by: 1st instalment – 31 October, 2nd instalment – 15 November, 3rd instalment – 15 December, 4th instalment – 15 January;  

– for the summer semester until 31 March or payment in equal 4 monthly instalments not later than: 1st instalment 31 March, 2nd instalment 15 April, 3rd instalment 15 May, 4th instalment 15 June.  

Resignation from studies   

If you decide to resign from studies during the semester, remember to apply for being removed from the list of students due to resignation. If you do not complete this formality, you will be required to pay the entire fee for the semester of study.  

Your resignation from the studies should be submitted in writing in person to the Dean’s Office or sent by post (date of postmark).  

The application form can be found on the website of the Dean’s Office under the name “Request for being removed from the list of students due to resignation”.  

The VAT invoice for the studies will be issued on the basis of prior notification (letter) of the company or person concerned within 7 calendar days from the payment. The letter should contain the following data: name, address, payer’s NIP and student’s name, surname and amount paid.  

A request for a VAT invoice (letter in PDF format) should be sent to

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