Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (ISD) at Lodz University of Technology is a new offer dedicated to people from all over the world planning a research and academic career. The ISD offers 12 educational paths (corresponding to 12 disciplines) in as many as 4 scientific fields, including social sciences, in the discipline of Management and Quality Science. 

At the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, we have developed a unique, original model of education in English, tailored to the individual needs and interests of the doctoral student. We focus on interdisciplinarity, flexibility and internationalization of education. Thanks to the implementation of the 4-year program based on the Individual Research Plan, the PhD student receives optimal conditions for scientific and personal development and preparation of a doctoral dissertation under the care of the PhD supervisor. 

We offer our PhD students the support of a mentor, a wide range of elective subjects from various disciplines, soft skills courses and lectures by visiting professors from all over the world. Thanks to the international character of the ISD, we enable participation in interdisciplinary research projects, cooperation with scientists from Poland and abroad and an entrepreneurship course. Additionally, every PhD student receives a scholarship. 

More information about the admission rules and educational path can be found on the website of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at TUL: 

Interdisciplinary Doctoral School - Lodz University of Technology 

Supervision of the doctoral students of the ISD at the Faculty: 

Professor Magdalena Grębosz-Krawczyk PhD DSc – Member of the ISD Scientific Council 
Associate Professor Edyta Marcinkiewicz PhD DSc– ISD Curriculum Coordinator 

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