Organization from a relational view

The identified research niches have inspired researchers from the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering to conduct studies on organizations from a relational view while cooperating both with internal and external stakeholders. Inter-organizational relations are discussed from e.g. a strategic perspective. The relational strategy of businesses constitutes the bulk of the research in the context of the strategic choices made such as: value creation and appropriation mechanism choice, relation partners choice, ways of cooperation choice expressed through cooperation characteristics and/or coopertition and strategy creation mode choice (intentionality vs. emergence).

Key relational strategy have been identified as part of the research as well as the effects stemming from its implementation. Subsequent topics discussed at the Faculty include business relational capital in counteracting against crises, business relationship network in business value creation perspective and capital market relationship network within which a business value fluctuation and risk transmission process is created.

Additionally, the research covers cooperation in marketing where relations usually refer to product creation, distribution system and promotional action conduct. These are constituted, among others, by consumer co-creation processes and other marketing offer elements (including those of non-material character). Modern final purchaser market activity restriction to purchasing behavior, which characterizes the classic supplier-receiver relation, does not satisfy their expectation. This leads in turn to a natural marketing orientation transformation, which substitutes the value creation paradigm with value co-creation paradigm with purchasers as prosumers in partnership schemes and bilaterally beneficial relations.

Finally, projects related to relations in brand management are conducted about the essence and conditions for inurement and implementation as well as co-branding implementation and consumer stances regarding brands on an international market.

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