Management, Management Engineering, Marketing in the Industry, Business Studies, Master of Business Studies Study Programme Council

Council composition

Chairperson: Associate Professor Anna Walecka PhD DA


Council meetings – calendar (link)

Study Programme Councils operate under §20 of the Statute of Lodz University of Technology (Resolution No. 88/2019 of the Senate of Lodz University of Technology) and Regulation No. 10/2019 of the Rector of Lodz University of Technology.  

Tasks of the Study Programme Council include:  

  1. Preparing and improving the concept of the field of study. 
  2. Developing a draft study program for the field of study and exercising substantive supervision over the implementation of the study program.  
  3. Cooperation with university-wide units implementing a part of the educational program.  
  4. Cooperation with IFE Programme Council in terms of developing a draft study program for an IFE course and implementing resolutions adopted by IFE Programme Council.
  5. Educational trends and needs analysis in a given field of study.  
  6. Improving study programs and the quality of teaching in the field, including analysis of the results of surveys and class observations.  
  7. Stimulating the use of new/creative educational methods in study programs.  
  8. Giving opinions on candidates for thesis supervisors and thesis topics.  
  9. Cooperation with the socio-economic environment, including:  
    • obtaining the opinion of external stakeholders on study programs and level of professional preparation of graduates;  
    • cooperation in the organisation of traineeships and internships.  
  10. Preparing and submitting for approval to the Vice-Rector for Education an annual quality report on education for the given field of study.  
  11. Preparing reports for accreditation purposes.  
  12. Substantive supervision of the process of awarding diplomas.  
  13. Internationalisation in the field of education.  
  14. Organisation and supervision of mentoring in second-cycle studies.  
  15. Preparing information for recruitment and promotion purposes.  

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